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163,35 EUR
price excl. tax 135,- EUR
availability: 3 days

DCDA-33M/RGB LED dimmer

serves to dim monochrome LED and RGB LED light sources with power supply 12-24 V DC which are current-controlled

31,46 EUR
price excl. tax 26,- EUR
availability: in stock

DIM-14/230V Controlled dimmer

dims all types of loads

26,62 EUR
price excl. tax 22,- EUR
availability: in stock

DIM-15-F Filter for dimmer DIM-15

32,67 EUR
price excl. tax 27,- EUR
availability: in stock

DIM-15/230V Dimmer for LED and all type of lamps and bulbs

a) R - bulbs, halogen lamps.
b) L - low-voltage el.bulbs 12/24V wound transformers.
c) C - low-voltage el.bulbs 12/24V electronic transformers.
d) ESL - dimmable compact fl uorescent lamps.
e) LED - LED lamps.

18,15 EUR
price excl. tax 15,- EUR
availability: in stock

DIM-5/230V Controlled dimmer

for dimming el. bulbs, halogen lights and halogen lights with winding transformers

125,84 EUR
price excl. tax 104,- EUR
availability: in stock

DIM-6/230V Controlled dimmer

for RLC dimming lights, also available for appliance switching

95,59 EUR
price excl. tax 79,- EUR
availability: in stock


Expansion Power Module for DIM-6

32,67 EUR
price excl. tax 27,- EUR
availability: in stock

SMR-M/230V Dimmer for LED bulbs and dimmable fluorescent lamps

a) LED bulbs and LED light sources
b) dimmable saving fluorescent lamps

12,10 EUR
price excl. tax 10,- EUR
availability: in stock

SMR-S/230V Controlled dimmer

max. load: 300 VA (el. bulbs or halogen lights with wound transformer)

27,83 EUR
price excl. tax 23,- EUR
availability: in stock

SMR-U/230V Controlled dimmer

dimming of electronic transformers 12V
halogen lights (capacitive load)
max: 500 VA

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