Electronic thermostats

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21,78 EUR
price excl. tax 18,- EUR
availability: in stock

PT10 - Digital thermostat

4 temperature changes for every

26,62 EUR
price excl. tax 22,- EUR
availability: in stock

PT11 - Digital thermostat

4 temperature changes for every day

35,09 EUR
price excl. tax 29,- EUR
availability: in stock

PT21 - Digital thermostat

6 time/temperature-section for every day.
hysteresis (from 0,1°C to 1,5°C)

42,60 EUR
price excl. tax 35,21 EUR
availability: 3 days

PT22 - Digital thermostat

6 temp. changes per day
Programmable by day or Mon-Fri, Sat-Sun and Mon-Sun

64,13 EUR
price excl. tax 53,- EUR
availability: in stock

PT32 - Intelligent thermostat

possibility of using GSM module

45,98 EUR
price excl. tax 38,- EUR
availability: in stock

PT712-EI Digital thermostat for the floor-heating

temperature of the floor, room, combination (two sensors)