LED explosion proof lights

Tesla - LED explosion proof light, from 25W to 30W

From 2600 to 3880 lm
Prices on request

LED explosion-proof luminaires are suitable for lighting of indoor and outdoor areas with potentially explosive atmospheres.

The housing is cast from an alloy of AlSi
Color powder coated RAL 1005
Optical cover made of tempered glass
fixture for three-phase connection
With electronic adjustable
ballast (EVG DIMM) - adjustable
luminous flux and power consumption to 50%
Lamps equipped with self-resetting thermal
fuse and overvoltage protection up to 4 kV

Thanks to the high efficiency, instant start and versatile mounting options are ideal for heavy industry.

Catalogue No. Consumption Lm Beam angle Colour light Lifetime Weight Dimensions
EX203040-1D 30W 3880 lm 120° 4000K 35 000 h 6 Kg 200x260mm
EX403563-1 35W 3550 lm 120° 6300K 35 000 h 5 Kg 408x155x208mm
EX402563-1 25W 2600 lm 120° 6300K 35 000 h 5 Kg 408x155x208mm


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